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Helix Markets Integrates Arbitrum One!

Published at 08/Mar, 2 mins to read

We're thrilled to announce the integration of Arbitrum One, a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, into the Helix Markets ecosystem! This exciting development marks a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing your trading experience by offering faster transactions, lower fees, and access to a broader range of tokens.

🔹 Listing Details:

  • Tokens: A selection of the top Arbitrum One tokens will be listed.
  • Trading Pairs: Initially, we'll feature popular pairs such as ARB/USDC, ETHARB/USDC, and many more to come, empowering you to dive into the vibrant Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Launch Date: Trading begins on 03/ 08/ 2024, 13:00 UTC.

🔹 Why Arbitrum One?

Arbitrum One is renowned for its cutting-edge Optimistic Rollup technology, ensuring transactions are not only faster and more cost-efficient but also inherit the robust security of Ethereum. By integrating Arbitrum, Helix Markets aims to provide you with seamless access to next-gen DeFi projects and tokens without the mainnet congestion.

🔹 How to Get Started:

  • Sign in to your Helix Markets account. All deposit addresses and network settings will be updated automatically.
  • Deposit ETH or ARB directly to your funding wallet, and then move it to your trading wallet to start trading.
  • We will be listing more of your favourite Arbitrum-based tokens soon!

🔹 Join the Conversation:

Got questions or feedback? Join our Discord ( community or follow us on to stay updated and engage with fellow traders.

Embark on a new trading journey with Arbitrum One on Helix Markets and unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrency trading experience. Let's explore the future together!