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Helix Markets Integrates Casper Network

Published at 20/May, 3 mins to read

Helix Markets, a next generation decentralized exchange (DEX), has been awarded a grant from The Casper Accelerate Grant Program. The grant will be used to integrate the Casper Network into the Helix Markets DEX. Once integrated, users will be able to trade tokens on the Casper Network such as the native CSPR alongside tokens on Helix Markets such as BTC, ETH and USDC. The grant will also be used to help integrate other project tokens within the Casper ecosystem such as Metacask.

Helix Markets will help bring DeFi access to the Casper Network. The native multichain capabilities of Helix will increase liquidity and open up further capabilities to projects building on Casper. “Helix delivers an institutional-grade, liquid, and low-slippage trading experience to the Casper DeFi ecosystem. We’re very happy to be supporting the development of Helix. This integration enables any Casper-based marketplace to benefit from Helix’s on-chain settlement and payment capabilities." Alizee Carlee - Director of Strategy and Ecosystem Development

“We are excited to be working with the Casper team and integrating a blockchain renowned for its enterprise-grade scalability and security. We are committed to supporting blockchains that push the envelope in technological innovation.” - Gorazd Ocvirk Vakanjac, Helix Markets, Co-Founder & CEO

“Helix has the ability to provide liquidity into any blockchain, including Casper - which we are building on. Native USDC not available on Casper, not an issue, now, using Helix, we can accept USDC payments, and actually receive CSPR. It goes beyond that, as a marketplace, we will be able to allow our users to accept and pay in any crypto currency they have.” - Nimantha Siriwardana, Metacask, Co-Founder & CTO

The Casper Accelerate Grant Program is a dedicated $25 million fund designed exclusively to support projects and creators building on the Casper Public Mainnet. Prioritizing decentralized applications (dApps) that utilize Casper’s unique features, the program extends funding opportunities to DeFi, Gaming, NFTs projects, and Casper-specific crypto research.

About Helix Markets

Helix Markets is building the infrastructure for the next generation of trading in digital assets. By removing the layers of intermediaries and complexities, users have complete control over their trading experience. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology and decentralization, Helix is enabling new market opportunities that are open and fair for all.

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About Casper Network

The Casper Association is the not-for-profit, Switzerland-domiciled organization responsible for overseeing the network and supporting its organic evolution and continued decentralization. By seamlessly integrating with existing technology stacks, Casper empowers both small and large organizations to harness the full potential of blockchain technology and create solutions that address real-world challenges. Utilizing open web standards, Casper enables the rapid development of cutting-edge blockchain applications.

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