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Swap DOGE to SNS1? Only on Helix!

Published at 05/Jan, 3 mins to read

Helix is a game-changer for crypto trading! It could only be done on the Internet Computer, so the ICP community will have a front-row seat to this revolution. Here are just some of the cool features you’ll be able to use on Helix:

1. Stablecoins

2. Trading your favorite coins from other networks

3. Listing of new ICP projects

4. Great DeFi trading experience


We bring stablecoins to the Internet Computer! Buy ICP with USDC, or SNS1 with USDT. Making use of the advanced cryptography offered by the Internet Computer, such as Chain-key signing and threshold ECDSA, we support USDC, USDT, and other stablecoins natively.

Tokens from other Ecosystems

For the first time in ICP history, you can trade Polygon, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and many more without bridges on Helix. We’ve heard you like meme coins so why not trade SHIB/DOGE pair on Helix? You can now swap your ICP to SHIB or DOGE to SNS1 - fully on-chain with no centralized bridges. We are planning to add more, we will ask you what your favorites are.

New ICP projects

Working with your favorite ICP projects to bring liquidity to their token. We are here to grow with ICP builders!

Trading Experience

We put huge effort into making the user experience seamless, so you can focus on trading. As members of the Helix community, you will play a key role in helping us to improve and tailor the platform to your needs. We appreciate all feedback, and we encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. For our advanced users, we offer programmatic trading through our APIs, so you can run your best trading strategies on Helix. Last but not least our order book matching engine will offer the speed you are used to from centralized exchanges.

This is just a glimpse of things to come, we’ll be sharing more info with you in our next posts and tell you more about our tech and roadmap.