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Information on how to deposit including cryptocurrency transfers.

Users can deposit tokens from any third-party wallet that supports the network on which the tokens have been created. Helix Markets is wallet agnostic so you can make transfers from your browser plugin wallet, hardware wallet, mobile or exchange wallet.

Open Beta Deposit Instructions (please read)

Open beta still uses test tokens do please DO NOT deposit any real tokens to your funding wallets on Helix. We have set-up a token faucet where you can claim tokens which you can use for trading on Helix Markets. You can find more info on how to use the faucet in this article (https://www.helixmarkets.io/help-center/token-faucet-101)

Deposit Process

1. Go to your wallet page when you are logged in to your account

2. Select the token that you would like to deposit and copy the deposit address

3. Go to your preferred wallet and paste the deposit address

4. Your transaction will appear in your balance and funding history as soon as the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.